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CK Photography Product Highlight

Colleen and Carlo's album arrived just in time for them to be able to share it with their families over the holiday weekend.  Before Collen picked it up, I snagged a few photos of it.  I love receiving albums I'm guessing almost as much as my clients do, but of course, I don't get to keep them.  So, I use my photographs to share my products via this blog, but also so I can remember all of the albums I personally create for my clients.  I love the sense of completion I feel when I see an album for the first time. ;)

Album Stats:

10x10 Leather Album with imprinting.  Album has 56 pages and approximately 104 images.




Colleen & Carlo's Wedding in Philadelphia

You might remember this sweet couple from their family session back in June.  Colleen and Carlo have such amazing friends and family and everyone went out of their way to make Brian and I feel welcome.  There were times during the day when I could actually feel the overwhelming love pouring out towards the happy couple (oh I'll admit it, my eyes were a bit misty). 

Although the rain never arrived, we definitely were chasing the light and had only a few minutes outside at the Knowlton Mansion before we went inside.  However, the interior of the mansion really allowed for some unique photos for Colleen and Carlo, and we did our best to play up the atmosphere that existed.  I've never been to a cocktail hour and reception that smelled (and tasted) as yummie as this one did.  It was amazing!  And their cake. . . delicious (have I mentioned how much I love cake?)

Thank you to Colleen & Carlo and their families who were so thoughtful towards one another and towards us.  Hope you enjoy Hawaii (and your photo teaser)!! We'll start with some genuine love and emotion.


 I believe the lovely blue ring was given to Colleen by her sister and mom at the rehersal and was her grandmother's ring. (Colleen will let me know if I have that story correct) ;)

I love the excitement in the bride's face in the next one and that you can see all of the ladies eventhough this was a totally candid moment.

 I adore this next photo that Brian snagged while Colleen was walking down the aisle.


 I rode in the trolley with the bridal party.  Colleen sure is great at multi-tasking! ;)


We snagged just a few before the light was completely gone.


The next shot is seriously cute, and I only wish I had captured it.  Great job Brian!

 Another cute one by Brian

 The next photo just might be one of my all time faves!


 The next photo is part of a series, but I'm only posting this one. . .suffice it to say, everything worked out fine.  I think the little guy was in high demand!

 Waiting for the cake (and everyone is happy). ;)

 Beautiful autumn details.